Special Programs

Karate College for Kids (hosted by Coach John Miller and staff): only $199

(Each Kid program member receives 1 spectator pass for Parent viewing only free/Value $60)

This version of “America’s #1 Martial Arts Training Camp” offers special sessions for kids (and their parents) in an exclusive AC training room. Activities include child specific games (Friday and Saturday) and personalized instruction. We now offer a special value rate of $199 for kids ages 6-12 years who participate in the kids-only section of camp. Includes free spectator pass for Parent only.


Graduation at Karate College Hall of Fame

Each year Karate College graduates participate in a special Saturday night ceremony featuring demonstrations and awards.  Plus be a part of the exclusive Karate College Hall of Fame awards. 2015 KCHOF Inductees included: Michael DePasquale, Jr, Jim Sams, Danny Chapman, Willie “Bam” Johnson, Renzo Gracie.


Optional Certificate Programs

As a special service to campers we now offer the Top most requested certificate programs for all levels. Earn certificates and increase your market! Increase your skills! Each certificate program is two hours of intense and personalized instruction with space limitations. The certificate classes have limited enrollment and are offered at a highly discounted rate.


An additional $29 fee per program is required to cover certificate and materials. No pre-registration is necessary. Sign up and pay cash at each class. Class size limit is 25.


 Option 1: Master Scott Yates, Sin Moo Hapkido

 Option 2: Michael DePasquale, Jr, Yoshitsune JiuJitsu

 Option 3: Mark Hatmaker, submissions certification program

 Option 4: Master Brooks Miller, Muay Thai certificate program

 Option 5: John Mayer, Filipino Arnis/Kerambit certification program

 Option 6: John Miller, Level 1/2/3 Sambo certificate program

 Option 7: Dr. Jerry Beasley/Coach Tyler Beasley, JKD Kickboxing Certification