American All-Stars National Championships

Announcing the 1st Annual Karate College ™ American All-Stars National Championships to be held on Thursday, June 26. This is an Intramural National Invitational Tournament (NIT) intended for members of the 2014 Karate College ™ student body made up of martial artists from around the country. Divisions include beginner/intermediate/advanced point sparring, forms, and self-defense. Be a winner!

The KC Nationals tournament will be June 26 and is for KC campers who have paid the KC camp tuition and signed the KC waiver.

There will be a rules meeting at 5pm promptly!

Tournament Sparing Rules:

Safety gear:

All competitors must use foam dipped protective gear (head, foot, and hand gear) which must be in good condition (no tape).

Chest protection is optional.

Male competitors must wear groin protection.

All competitors must wear mouth pieces.



All contact must be controlled. No facial contact is allowed.

Excessive or blatant illegal contact may result in the awarding of a point to a competitor or even disqualification of competitor. Any contact resulting in blood will result in automatic disqualification.

Strikes must be with the padded portion of the hand and to a legal contact area.

Sweeps/takedowns are permitted for black belts only if immediately followed by a technique.



All competitors must remain ‘in bounds’ during competition. ‘In bounds’ is considered to have at least one foot within the designated ring area. If a competitor leaves the competition area, he/she will be issued a warning. No sweeps/takedowns allowed. Repeat offenses will result in the awarding of a point to opposing competitor. If a competitor blatantly fails to engage, he/she will be issued a warning. Continued behavior may result in the awarding of a point and/or disqualification.


There is to be NO COACHING during active competition by any observer/coach. Competitors are allowed to have one (1) coach that may provide guidance/instruction during the break in between round only. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the automatic disqualification of a competitor!



Points as follows:

1-for hand technique

2-for any kick to the body

3-for any jumping kick to the head



One 90 second rounds for children (under age 15) or 2 minutes for 15 and up. Most points wins.