Special Programs

NEW! The Annual Bill Wallace “Superfoot” Awards Banquet Saturday June 27

For Excellence in Teaching and Student Achievement.

Karate College for Kids (hosted by Coach John Miller and staff): Only $199

This version of “America’s #1 Martial Arts Training Camp” offers special sessions for kids (and their parents) in an exclusive AC training room. Activities include child specific games (Friday and Saturday) and personalized instruction. We now offer a special reduced rate of $199 for kids ages 6-12 years who participate in the kids-only section of camp.

Annual Joe Lewis-Style Self-Defense National Conference

The late Joe Lewis was an original founder of Karate College and we are pleased to continue his legacy. Learn and teach the “Original” Joe Lewis-Style (Bruce Lee-era 1968-1971). Open to all who practice a form of full-contact sparring/kickboxing. We will be providing an apprentice instructor certification and assigning affiliates and training centers this year! Seminar and one-year affiliation certificate for graduates. Additional fee required. Saturday, June 28. Sign up at camp or e-mail . Visit  for location and times.