World Renowned Professors of the Martial Arts

“Karate College is like the Disney World of martial arts; everywhere you look there is something that catches your eye.”


Bill “Superfoot” Wallace  legendary Greatest Kicker of All Time, is the former World Champion, Black Belt Hall of Famer, and Karate College Co-Founder.

GM Michael DePasquale, Jr., World renowned  Yoshitsune JuiJitsu  Head of System

Dr. Jerry Beasley, Renowned author, educator and Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame, Instructor of the Year 2000



The Best Arts by the Best Teachers

Arnis as taught by Master John Mayer
Hapkido as taught by GM Scott Yates
Karate Kumite as taught by GM Danny Chapman
Muay Thai Kickboxing as taught by Master Kru Brooks Miller
Krav Maga as taught by Master Jonathan Phipps
Submissions Grappling as taught by Master Mark Hatmaker
Sajido as taught by GM Jim Sams
Sambo as taught by Coach John Miller
ITF/WTF Forms as taught by Master James Miller
Japanese Kata as taught by Master Grant Campbell
Pressure Point Knockout as taught by Dr. Mark Ellis
Kung Fu Chinese Grappling as taught by Master James Houston
Combat Tang Soo Do as taught by Dr. Ian Marshall
Wado Kai Karate as taught by Master Neil Prime
JKD Boxing as taught by Coach Tyler Beasley
USA Boxing as taught by Coach Derik Bostic
Uechi-ryu Karate as taught by Master Robb Buckland