Karate College

1988-2019 Anniversary

June 27 – 30, Radford VA

Voted by Black Belt magazine readers as the

#1 martial arts training camp in the nation!

World Class Styles:

Karate      Taekwondo     Hapkido    Tang Soo Do     Sajido

Kickboxing    Street Boxing       BJJ            Krav Maga

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu      Jeet Kune Do                Arnis

Muay Thai                Chinese Chin Na       Submissions          Tai Jutsu

Weapons            Kumite             Pressure Points

Superfoot System                        Joe Lewis-Style Self-Defense


As taught by World Class Professors

Bill Wallace           Michael DePasquale, Jr.       Dr. Jerry Beasley

Danny Chapman               Scott Yates                   John Mayer

Mark Hatmaker                         Jim Sams             Dr. Marc Ellis

Jon Phipps,                           Derrick Bostic             Dr. Ian Marshall

James Smith                                  Brooks Miller          John Miller

Tyler Beasley               Robb Buckland                   Josh Bishop


 Special invited guests: Dr. Christian Harfouche and GM Willie Bam Johnson

Come meet the Martial Arts Masters at Karate College 2019: America’s #1 Martial Arts Training Camp.


The world’s greatest combined taekwondo, karate, kickboxing, sambo, BJJ, dirty boxing, kenpo, kung fu, jujitsu, mixed martial arts, and reality-based martial arts training camp just got better! Whether you consider yourself to be a traditional or non-traditional practitioner, you’ll get the most up to date instruction in the cutting edge concepts by world renowned professors only at Karate College. All arts, all styles, all levels! Come as you are, but don’t leave as you came.

All classes will be held in the ultra-modern Radford Recreation Center. The Center is fully air conditioned with fantastic acoustics, showers, break-out rooms, and viewing area. Come meet the martial arts masters at Karate College: America’s #1 Martial Arts Training Camp.

There is no better value than the world’s greatest training camp—Karate College. The Karate College faculty members offer the perfect blend of striking, grappling, submissions, traditional, and competition arts. Note: Karate College 2018 has a space limitation of 250 campers. This camp will fill quickly, so register early to insure your space.