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35TH Annual Karate College™ All Styles-All-Arts-All Ages only $189 June 24-27 Radford Recreation Center, 200 George Street, Radford, VA 20+ Seminars plus Free Trade Show and Demonstrations, Graduation Certificates.

Lowest price ever now only $189 *Pay only $89 down! Campers pre-register before June 15, 2021. To insure a reservation and receive a confirmation with instructions via e-mail send a check or money order in the amount of $89 (non-refundable) to: Karate College, P. O. Box 402, Christiansburg VA 24068 E-mail CEO@, Cell # 540-267-6091.

Check-in at Radford Recreation Center, Thursday June 24th, 6pm-8pm or Friday 10am. Cash Only at the door. Classes begin at 6pm Thursday.

Lodging: Ask for Karate College discount and reserve rooms now! Radford Best Western (540) 639-3000, Radford Super 8 (540) 835-0900, Comfort Inn (540)639-3333, TRU by Hilton (540) 744-1400.

Note: All covid restrictions in VA are lifted on June 15.

Camp Registration

Register online to reserve your spot for $89


“It’s my favorite camp. When we began the Karate College ™ in 1988, no one could have known that it would have been so important to so many people.”
Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace

“I love Dr. Jerry Beasley’s Karate College. You can meet some of the best people in martial arts there. I plan things around the Karate College dates because I love it there.”
Renzo Gracie

Renzo Gracie

“Dr. Beasley has put together the premiere camp in the nation. Every other camp is measured by how close they get to the Karate college model.”
Joe Lewis (1944-2012)

Joe Lewis

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Dr. Jerry Beasley
P. O. Box 402
Christiansburg VA 24068

Karate College™ 2021
The Return to Radford University
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